Designers Cut, Client Film and R&D of a campaign for HONDA

The second iteration of the car paint trend book for BASF’s Coatings division

High tech prosthetics remix of a research work for ADIDAS

Seven 3D animated billboards for HENNESSY X.O

Color trend visualisations in a global design tool kit for BASF

Branding for the IBM Think conference in Las Vegas

Research on self-driving infrastructure with IKEA’s Space10

Brand image visuals for MUNKEN of ARCTIC PAPER

Film for the 20th anniversary edition of 3D package Cinema4D by MAXON

Brand image film for COVESTRO

Visual essay on classic car photography

Digital brand image exploration for KVADRAT CANVAS® Textiles

Visual essay on machines and mobility

Campaign film for Marc Newson’s design of HENNESSY X.O

Visual narrative on self-driving mobility and urban design

Creative and design explorations for an ad series for KLARNA

Product launch film for an updated version of the iconic NIKE Air Max 95

Series of idents for ART DIRECTOR’S CLUB Miami